Early Season Sale

Early Season Sale items are offered from Manufacturers who make them available prior to the product release date. The release date refers to when the product is made available from the Manufacturer for shipping. Customers may order on-line or through a store Designerpapers.com or by phone 630-985-2600 x114. Designer Papers will hold the Early Season Sale items for delivery until the Manufacturer release date. Your credit card will be charged for the item(s) immediately, then processed for delivery. The release date displayed for a these item(s) is an estimate from the Manufacturer. You may cancel your order prior to delivery for a refund.

Placing a Early Season Sale Order

  • Place the item in your cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.
  • When you have finished adding all items to your Cart, proceed to Check Out. You may include Early Season Sale items in the same cart with other Designer Paper items.
  • Other Designer Papers items that are in stock will be shipped as normal in a separate shipment.
  • At Check out, your Early Season Sale item(s) will be assigned to an order for future delivery based upon the Release Date.
  • Only Credit Cards or Pre-Approved Commercial Billing payment types are accepted for EARLY SEASON. EARLY SEASON ORDERS are charged at the time the order is placed. Gift Cards and Coupons may be applied to EARLY SEASON ORDER items.
  • Verify your payment, billing address and shipping address and complete your order.

Tracking Your Early Season Sale Order
Upon completion of your Early Season Sale order you will receive an email confirmation with details of your order. In most cases, if you order items that are available, they will be shipped separately. If there is an issue with the release date, (i.e. trade tariff, shipping delay from the manufacturer, etc.), Designer Papers will communicate with customers the delay.

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